“Forgotten Hollywood” – The 2009 Passing Parade…

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Manny P. here…

   As we approach the new year. I would like to take a momemt to remember some of the fine actors who were a part of Hollywood’s Golden Age. These are a few of the exceptional stars that left us this year:whitmore

   James Whitmore - An Oscar nominee, and an absolute joy to watch in any genre of cinema. In fact, he received a nomination for an Academy Award in his first film, Battleground. He appeared in The Asphalt Jungle, Across The Wide Missouri, Kiss Me Kate, and was quite memorable in the horror film, Them!  He was also nominated for Best Actor in Give ‘Em Hell Harry, a one-man retrospective of former President Truman. He appeared with Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History actor Gloria Grahame in the musical Oklahoma.ricardo

   Ricardo MontalbanMost famous for welcoming all to Fantasy Island, this Latin lover of the screen appeared with James Whitmore in Battleground and Across The Wide Missouri. He also was cast in Sayonara and Sweet Charity. He co-starred with Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History actors John Carradine and Arthur Kennedy in Cheyenne Autumn.malden

      Karl Malden - A prolific actor who won an Oscar for his role in A Streetcar Named Desire. He was fantastic in the Best Picture of 1954, On The Waterfront. He appeared with a variety of actors featured in Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History in fine movies including The Birdman of Alcatraz and How The West Was Won (Thelma Ritter), Nevada Smith (Arthur Kennedy), and Cheyenne Autumn (Arthur Kennedy and John Carradine). He also played Omar Bradley in Patton, the Best Film of 1970.

   On a personal note, my good friend Peter Parker, the publisher of Karaoke Scene Magazine appeared with Malden in the film Murderers’ Row. Peter was a member of the band that sang in the picture.Jennifer_Jones_in_Love_Letters_trailer

   Jennifer Jones - She was one of the most gifted actors in Hollywood’s Golden Age. She won an Oscar for her role in A Song of Bernadette. She actually was nominated for an Academy Award five times in her illustrious career. She co-starred with Karl Malden in Ruby Gentry. Her most notable work includes Love Letters, Beat the Devil, Love is a Many-Splendored ThingThe Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Towering Inferno, and re-makes of The Barretts of Wimpole Street and A Farewell to Arms. She appeared with Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History stars Lionel Barrymore in Since You Went Away and Duel in the Sun, and Van Heflin in Madame Bovary.

   She was married to Robert Walker and David O. Selznick, the producer of Gone With the Wind.

Until next time>                                “never forget”

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3 Responses to ““Forgotten Hollywood” – The 2009 Passing Parade…”

  1. Sharon Roberts Says:

    Manny, my name is Sharon Roberts and a few months ago I met your sister at the Granada Pavillion for an event. At that time she mentioned to me about your book (as it is similar to the book I am currently a publicist for) Kay Kyser – The Ol’ Professor of Swing! America’s Forgotten Superstar! I just wanted you to know that I have had the opportunity to read your book and congratulate you for your contributions in keeping Old Hollywood alive and the many actors who are such an important part of where our movie history stems from.

    I wish you continued success and hope that some time in the near future we will cross paths as we continue to preserve the memories of so many for generations to come. Thanks and happy holidays to you and your family.

    Sharon Roberts
    Author Representation
    Richland Creek Publishing

  2. raideoman1 Says:

    Hi Sharon -

    Thank you for your kind words. I plan on using your comments on my next blog I post. If you would like to do a future co-booksigning event at the Granada Pavilion or elsewhere, I would be interested. Our mutual interests make this a natural potential opportunity.

    I am so glad you enjoyed my book. I am curious how you came to own one. You will see in my blog that I always appreciate positive feedback.

    A wish to you and your family a safe and happy holidays!

    Manny Pacheco
    Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History

  3. Sharon Roberts Says:

    It is my pleasure to applaud your work. And yes, you are more than welcome to use my comments. Anything to help promote a great book! .
    Look forward to speak to you after the holidays, as a co-booksigning sounds like a great collaboration.

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