“Forgotten Hollywood”- Footloose and Fancy Free…

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Manny P. here…

“`Fort Smith city directors recently repealed a 1953 ordinance that essentially outlawed public dancing on Sundays. Local residents who knew about the law called it the Footloose ordinance, nicknamed for the 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon about a fictional hamlet that banned dancing and rock music.

“`City Director Andre Good introduced the repeal after being informed about the antiquated law by a local resident. The directive barred the operation of public dance halls or any place with dancing on Sundays. The ordinance was enacted amid a series of blue laws established throughout Arkansas, according to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture. Other laws also banned Sunday activities that included hunting and baseball.

“`The dancing ban’s emergency clause signed by former Mayor H. R. Hestand. No one in Fort Smith has been arrested or ticketed in twenty years for cutting loose on Sundays because of the morality code, according to a local spokesperson. The decision could lead to the repeal of other laws that impede progress and conflict in Fort Smith and other towns in Arkansas.

“`Now that I think about it, someone should invite Kenny Loggins to hold a Sunday concert for the residents of the community.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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