“Forgotten Hollywood”- Historic Landmark Carries Book!

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Manny P. here…

   The Hollywood Heritage Museum is the newest location to carry Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. Next to the Hollywood Bowl, this prestigious place is easily the most proper of all locales in the area to display my work, since this landmark drips in cinematic history. (photo by Richard Rownak)

hollywood Museum_Night_1

   According to their website:

The Hollywood Heritage Museum is housed in the beautifully restored Lasky-DeMille Barn (c. 1895). The Museum features archival photographs from the silent movie days of motion picture production, movie props, historic documents and other movie related memorabilia. Also featured are historic photos and postcards of the streets, buildings and residences of Hollywood during its heyday.

In 1913, aspiring movie director, Cecil B. DeMille, came to this rented horse barn, with his partners – Jesse Lasky and Sam Goldwyn – and made what turned out to be Hollywood’s first importan feature length film The Squaw Man. The success of this film set off a stampede of movie makers to Hollywood, forever changing a sleepy farm town into the movie capital of the world.

On December 27, 1956 the Lasky-DeMille Barn was designated California State Historic Landmark No. 554 representing the birth of the Hollywood motion picture industry. Since 1985, Hollywood Heritage Inc. has funded the preservation, restoration and maintenance of this early Hollywood treasure.

   Their website link is:


   Whether you decide to buy my paperback or not…you really should visit the Hollywood Heritage Museum for a taste of early Hollywood and its vital history!

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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