“Forgotten Hollywood”- Melvin and Howard Hughes…

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Manny P. here…

“`Melvin Dummar was never given $156 million that eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes unexpectedly bequeathed for rescuing him on a desert road and driving him nearly three hours to Las Vegas in 1967. His story was depicted in a 1980 film: Melvin and Howard.


“`Dummar’s tale about finding an unshaved Hughes with long stringy locks and baggy clothes was as bizarre as the aviation and movie mogul and business tycoon who spent his last years in seclusion. Melvin maintained that he found Hughes in late December, 1967, face-down and bloody on a dirt road not far from a brothel near Lida, Nevada. Dunmar drove him nearly 190 miles to Las Vegas, gave him pocket change, and dropped him off behind the Sands Hotel.

“`The so-called Mormon will also named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a beneficiary of 1/16 share of the Hughes estate after he died in 1976. The will was addressed to the president of the Mormon church. Melvin steamed it open and read the contents before taking it to the church’s headquarters.

“`Jurors and judges decided he lied. An appeals court in 2008 affirmed a Nevada state court jury’s decision thirty years earlier that found the will was a fake.

“`Melvin Dummar was 74.

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