“Forgotten Hollywood”- Sander and Cokie…

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Manny P. here…

“`News correspondents are mourning the loss of two iconic reporters.

“`Sander Vanocur was a television newsman who for decades covered events, from political campaigns to assassinations, the Vietnam War to the civil rights movement. His storied career put him on the front lines of the biggest political stories of the 1960s. His frank reporting landed him on a White House enemies list.               SANDER VANOCUR –> 

“`Vanocur covered city news for the New York Times, and ultimately ended up at NBC in the late 1950s. As national political correspondent in the 1960s, he was a panelist at the first presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. He eventually covered the Kennedy administration as a White House correspondent.

“`Politics and war took up much of his time, but Civil Rights was Sander’s favorite subject to cover. He interviewed Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where he was assassinated shortly after winning the California Democratic primary in his run for president in 1968. He was probably most familiar to television viewers from his reporting on the floor of political conventions, including the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.

“`Sander Vanocur was ninety-one.


“`Cokie Roberts was a daughter of politicians and a pioneering journalist who chronicled Washington from Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump for NPR and ABC News. Cokie co-anchored the ABC Sunday political show This Week with Sam Donaldson from 1996 to 2002.    COKIE ROBERTS ->

“`Roberts devoted lots of her attention to covering Congress, where her father Hale Boggs was a House majority leader,  who died in 1972 when his plane went missing over Alaska. Her mother, Lindy Boggs, took over his Louisiana congressional seat and served until 1990,  later becoming ambassador to the Vatican.`

“`While at NPR, Cokie started working at PBS on NewsHour and in 1988 she joined ABC News. She settled into a role as analyst and commentator at both news organizations.

“`A trailblazer who forever transformed the role of women in the newsroom, Cokie Roberts was seventy-five.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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